WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2020: 95% Discount Or Free 3 Months

Finding the best deals on WPX Hosting in this Black Friday Sale?

If Yes, then you are at the right place to get all the details regarding the Black Friday Deals on WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting is a premium level hosting which is used by many professionals, marketers, bloggers as well as various businesses.

WPX Hosting Pricing Comparison Between Regular and Black Friday Price

PlanRegular CostBlack Friday CostDiscount
Business$24.99/month$1.24/monthActivate Now
Professional$49.99/month$2.49/monthActivate Now
Elite$99/month$4.95/monthActivate Now

WPX Hosting has come up with a 95% Discount in this Black Friday Deals, which is an amazing deal to grab if you are looking for the best and premium level web hosting.

The most amazing thing with WPX Hosting is that if you purchase their annual Plan, then you’ll get 3 Month Web Hosting for Free of Cost.

Hosting Plans Offered By WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting mainly focuses on WordPress Hosting and Domains Deals.

WPX WordPress Hosting Plans

wpx hosting black friday

If you lack technical knowledge regarding the wordpress installation procedure and all..No Worry WPX WordPress Hosting will be the best choice for you.

In this Plan you’ll opt with 1 Click WordPress Installation which will be easier for you to Setup WordPress.

WPX WordPress Hosting Plans are categorized in 3 plans such as:-

1. Business Plan

● Regular Price – $24.99/month

● Discount – 95%

● Black Friday Price – $1.24/month

In this initial level plan you can host upto five websites along with that you’ll get 10 GB Storage and 100 GB Bandwidth.

Best for beginners as they can try out other niche websites which is an awesome way to start a blogging career.

2. Professional Plan

● Regular Price – $49/month

● Discount – 95%

● Black Friday Price – 2.49/month

This Professional Plan I’ll suggest for those who have or planning to have multiple niches websites.

In this Professional Plan, you can host upto 15 websites, 20 GB Storage, 200 GB Bandwidth which will boost the performance as well as be capable of handling huge traffic at a time.

3. Elite Plan

● Regular Price – $99/month

● Discount – 95%

● Black Friday Price – $4.95/month

Elite Plan is the most advanced Plan offered by WPX Hosting under WordPress Hosting. Elite Plan price will be $4.95/month; this is the Black Friday Sale.

Under this Elite Plan you can host up to 35 websites, 40 GB Storage and Unlimited bandwidth in this price range is an incredible feature I must say.

This much of a heavy discount on an advanced web hosting you’ll not find at any other occasions. So What are you waiting for? Grab this Golden Offer at an affordable price.

WPX Domain Deals

WPX also offers TLDs at such a low price, and in this Black Friday Sale, you’ll see High discounts on their domains also.

Here are the Pricing Details regarding the WPX Domains Deals In this Black Friday Sale.


There is Flat 95% OFF you’ll be getting in this Black Friday Sale, and this is the perfect time to grab top-level domain at such a low cost.

If you have one of these Top-Level Domains integration with your website or your blog, then google also prioritize the Top Level Domain website.

Features Of WPX Hosting

● 99% Guaranteed Uptime

● Excellent Performance

● Incredible Customer Support

● FREE SSL Certificate

● FREE Website Migration

● 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

● Regular Updates and Backups

● High-Speed WPX CDN

Why Should You Go With WPX Hosting in this Black Friday Sale?

If you’re thinking why WPX Hosting is best so that you can grab this wonderful hosting at your affordable pricing. Here are some of the reasons:-

Uptime & Reliability

WPX Hosting claims 99% Uptime Guarantee, and they not only claim they provide that type of superior service to their customers at affordable pricing.

1. FREE Premium Deals

WPX Hosting offers many premium deals which make it one of the best and superior level hosting here are the free premium deals offered by WPX Hosting:-

2. FREE SSL Certificate

Along with WPX Hosting, you’ll be getting a FREE SSL Certificate which is worth $250. If your website is not secured with HTTPS google will not prioritize your website due to lack of privacy protection.

3. FREE Website Migration

WPX Hosting offers FREE Website Migration it means if your website was hosted on another web hosting platform and wants to migrate that website to WPX, then there will be no charge for that Website Transfer.

4. Regular Updates and Backups

If you’re making any change in your website backend, then you need to keep the data backup but with WPX Hosting it will automatically backup your data.

You’ll be getting regular updates in their hosting or at the backend so you will be updated with their technology.

5. Incredible Customer Support

WPX Hosting offers Incredible customer support with 24/7/365 Days, and the response time was 3 mins.

If you faced any technical difficulty or problem then-No Worry Customer Support Team will Guide you throughout the process.

6. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

WPX Hosting offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee so no risk of losing your valuable money. You can try out WPX Hosting without any hesitation.

7. DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection will keep you safe from vulnerable attacks and viruses that occur at the backend of your website.

WPX Hosting makes use of XML-RPC feature which keep your website safe from those malware attacks.

If you’re not aware there are 35% of Hackers are presented on the internet, WPX Hosting will be the best choice for you to keep your website safe from all kinds of phishing.

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WPX Hosting Black Friday FAQs

1. When will the WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale Begin?

The Black Friday Sale on WPX Hosting will be on 23rd November 2020.

2. How Much Discount will we be getting on WPX Hosting in this Black Friday Sale?

There will be Flat 95% OFF on WPX Hosting pricing and this much of a price drop you’ll not find at any other occasions.

3. How to activate WPX Hosting Black Friday Discounts?

If you like any of the deals offered by WPX Hosting and want to activate exclusive discounts, Click on this link to activate WPX Hosting Discounts.

4. Why is WPX Hosting considered as the Premium Level Web Hosting? 

This much of premium features at affordable pricing also the WPX Hosting offers many premium deals which will excite you to go with WPX Hosting.

That’s the reason WPX Hosting is considered as the Premium Level Web Hosting.

5. What are the Best Alternatives of WPX Hosting?

The Best alternatives of WPX Hosting are HostGator, Hostinger and Siteground.

6. Which Web Hosting performs better according to your experience NameCheap or WPX Hosting?

If I say genuinely, I will vote for WPX Hosting due to their advanced functionality and services they offered to their customers.

7. What are the Free Deals offered by WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting offers many premium deals which are absolutely Free Of Cost such as- Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Migration, Regular Updates and Backups.

8. WPX Hosting is Safe from Malware Attacks?

WPX Hosting makes use of an XML-RPC feature which will keep your website safe from malware attacks and phishing errors that occur online.

9. Does WPX Hosting offer a Money Back Guarantee?

WPX Hosting offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee No Risk of Losing Money You can try their premium level hosting.

10. Which Plan of WPX Hosting is recommended for Beginners?

If you’re a beginner and want to start your blogging career, then start with Business or Elite Plan which will allow you to add multiple websites along with Huge SSD Storage & Disk Space.

Final Verdict

I am done with my golden words for WPX Hosting and now time was yours to grab the Golden deal in this Black Friday Sale.

If you want Best as well as Premium Cheap Web Hosting, then you should check out WPX Hosting Plans, and you can start your money-making blog.

Mark Black Friday Sale Date on your Calendar so you won’t miss the Black Friday Sale because the price level drop you will not find at any other event.

If you are confused in between hosting plans, then comment down below would love to suggest the perfect solution according to your requirements.

Thanks for Reading!

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