Thrive Architect Review 2021 -The Best Landing Page Builder WordPress Plugin!

Are you looking to create your dream website but can't find a relevant, engaging theme and don't know how to code?

Well, I was in your place and knew how frustrating it could be when you can't get the right fit and developers ask for thousands of dollars for your idea.

This is where landing page builders come into place, but then there is another major issue. There are just so many of these builders, and you get confused about choosing one of them.

If you are also confused between page builder plugins, like I was, put all your worries to rest as I explore Thrive Architect plugin in detail!

I know there are hundreds of questions and features that you are confused about, and in this Thrive Architect Review, I answer all of them after I have extensively tested them. I assure you that are reading my review; you will be able to -

  • Judge if Thrive Architect is for you or not?
  • Ascertain if you can create the Website you want with the features
  • Identify key features and know where to start
  • Have a Benchmark landing page making thousand dollar conversions for you on Auto-pilot(I am serious!)

Thrive Architect is not something new but an upgrade to the earlier famous Thrive Content Builder Plugin. The content builder plugin was quite a favorite and was used to create unique sales pages.

But there were some features which I knew could make it more convenient and practical. Somehow, Thrive heard users like us and came with the all-new Thrive Architect who has a lot of exciting additions like:

  • It can now integrate easily with any and all WordPress themes.
  • They have added more template along with other additions in the pre-built section
  • The user experience has been improved along with easier drag and drop making it seamless to create pages
  • No more issues of using shortcodes which created problems in the past and now you get clean lines of code of all your drag and drop activities
  • And a few others

Thrive Architect Review 2021

Let's talk about the Basics

Before I talk about the complex features and what you can achieve with Thrive Architect, let's talk about the basic features.

These are some of the things you must have in a page builder if you don't know how to code.

Drag and Drop Editor


The Drag and Drop Editor that comes with the plugin allows you to use any of the elements by dragging.

I assure you of one fact that you'll feel as if you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, and you will be ready with a full-fledged landing page. Clicking on anything on the screen will give you the option to edit it.

You can also change the height and breadth of the column with a simple drag.

Pre-built Landing Page Templates


How about having to use an optimized Pre-built Template?

Thrive Architect gives you 278 conversion-optimized landing page templates that you can use instantly just by changing the text.

All of these are optimized as per the best conversion principles and are engaging enough to hold your prospects' attention.

Pre-built Conversions elements

Various factors play a role in conversions.

Do you know that small factors like a countdown timer, testimonials, CTA buttons, etc., can increase your conversions by as much as 100% in many cases?

Thrive has been testing these features' effect and helps you integrate all of them into your landing pages.

Without Thrive Architect, you would have to download numerous plugins for all these features, but they drag away with Thrive.

Creating social proof, urgency, testimonials, etc., is now just one click away.

Isn't that amazing? Well, I use all these features in my landing pages and urge you to use the same in yours!

Let's experiment with the UI and UX


I have personally used Thrive Architect for hours at a stretch at times before writing this review.

 If you have used any page builder before, like Elementor, you will relate to the left pane's concept and UI.

 As you open a page to edit, you have the left pane with all the features. Unlike other page builders, you won't have to start by defining the sections or elements of the screen and merely dragging the details on the left side.

 Now, the left side is divided into two sections:

● Foundation: These are the main elements required in every landing page, like Text, Images, Buttons, and others.

● Building blocks: These are the additional elements used to enhance conversions and are specific to your choices.

This is the list of the essential elements for you to get an idea:


Foundation Section contains most frequently used Elements such as

  • Paragraph/Text
  • Headings
  • Image
  • Buttons
  • Columns
  • Background Section
  • Content Box
  • Content Template


Building blocks:

Building Blocks Contains Many useful element such as

  • More Tag
  • Click to Tweet
  • Countdown Timer
  • Testimonials
  • Credit Card
  • Custom HTML
  • Facebook Comments
  • Google Map

Thrive Architect Settings and Customizations


Now that you know of the elements and sections that you can use let's discuss the settings and customization levels you have.

I was amazed at the sophistication, and when I compared it with other page builders that I have used before, I knew this is what I have to share with my audience.

Just by clicking on any element, you can see all the customization options on the side panel. I am sure you won't ever have to look for possibilities while finding it difficult to look for them.

I clicked on a Button that I had dragged from the side panel, and these are the main options you can see:

  • Button options including style, Button colour, Button width, add icon and few others
  • Typography including font, text size, text colour, shadow and few others
  • Layout and position
  • Background style

Some of the Text options that you can avail are:

  • Text colour
  • Font Size
  • Line height
  • Letter spacing
  • And a few others

The options that I found to be the best were the animations you can use for all the elements.

Only by clicking on the advanced settings, you get to use the animation type and define the time for these animations.

Some of the types of animations are:

  • Sliding from all directions
  • Zoom in and Zoom out
  • Grow or Shrink
  • Fade in
  • Rotate
  • And a few others

Another great option is the background overlay option in which you can add an overlay on the background of the text to make it clearer.

This is a common problem on many landing pages with text on images. Testing the feature will give you an idea about its use.

But what about the Mobile version of my landing page?

Most of the visitors you will get on your website/landing page will be mobile visitors no matter your industry.

 Thrive takes care of this fact and gives as many options to edit and customize the Website's mobile version as you get in the desktop version.Some of the best features are:

 ● Preview the live site on different sizes

 With one click, you can toggle between different screen sizes and check what your users see on mobile and tablets.

● Visibility of Different sections

 The images and text on the desktop version are not what you would want them to be on the mobile version.

You must optimize the Website for different versions, which will significantly define the conversions you have.

 You can also make some website sections visible only on the mobile version or the desktop version as per your choice.

 ● Changing the layout and position of the elements

You can also change the layout and position of the elements for different screens.

 The desktop screen will have a landscape layout, and when you change that to portrait for the mobile version, it is natural for some elements to change their place.

 There is no end to customization on your landing page.

The Speed Factor with Thrive Architect

You may not realize, but one of the most important factors while building a landing page is speed.

When I compared Thrive Architect to other page builders, I could sense the difference between the front end editors.

In most of the front end editors that you see with other plugins, you can get to see most options, but the concept is not a front end editor.

They usually integrate the back-end editor with a few options to edit the text on the screen. This is not the case with Thrive Architect.

In Thrive, you can directly click on the text and edit it on the net now and start typing the new piece of text.

This reduces the time to build the landing page significantly.

Another benefit is that you get all the features in the same subscription, and you don't have to pay for any "pro" features, which reduce the speed.

Let's make some comparisons

There are many Thrive Architect competitors, and I am sure you know about a few of these. To make your decision-making process easier, I have compared the main ones.

Thrive Architect Vs. Elementor

Elementor is the most famous page builder and has almost the same UI when you compare it.

If you wonder if Thrive has copied Elementor or Elementor has copied Thrive, so I don't have an answer to that, but it is a fact that Thrive has been around way before Elementor launched.

I made a comprehensive comparison, and here are the main differences/benefits/cons according to me

  • The Biggest factor is pricing. Thrive Architect offers lifetime payment, and you don't have to renew the subscription every year like you have to with Elementor.
  • The features part is almost similar as you get nearly the same amount of features in both of them.
  • One small factor is that you can edit the page with the side panel hidden in Thrive Architect, which is impossible in Elementor.
  • There are no "pro" features in Thrive Architect, and you can use everything for the same payment. This is a plus in Elementor as you can try the demo with the plugin and then pay for the added features after you test them. But Thrive offers a 30 Days return policy, which takes out the risk if you change your mind later on.

One Big factor is that Thrive Architect is more inclined towards conversions and sales optimization.

Most of the Thrive Architect features help increase conversions like the countdown timer, testimonials, and lead generation forms, and content reveals features, and others.

Thrive Architect Vs. Divi

Divi is another famous page builder that is often compared with Thrive Architect.

The main gist of the comparison is that Divi is best for creating complete websites, and Thrive Architect is great for creating landing pages and funnels.

You can create everything easily on both platforms, but the difference is seen in the available elements.

Most of the features available in Thrive Architect are aimed at conversion optimization like:

  • Optin Pages
  • Webinar Pages
  • Download Pages
  • Review Pages
  • Content Reveal options
  • Star ratings
  • Money-Back Guarantee Box
  • And many others

You cannot find any of these options in the Divi Builder. So, the conclusion is that if your goal is leads and conversions; you should choose Thrive Architect.

Here are the cons

Using Thrive Architect also made me realize some cons, or I would say some improvements that can be made.

●Thrive Architect can improve on the support that they give. I have also read other reviews about the support improvements. Although after comparing and analyzing everything, I am sure that you won't face any issue with it. But you have to repay for support after 1 Year in case you require it.
● It lacks theme builder options, which you might need in some sections of the Website.

Integrations with Email service providers

Email forms the essence of every sales funnel. You will find Email integrations with almost every sales page that you see on the web.

Lead generation forms are also linked to Emails and set on automation.

Thrive Architect knows this and allows Email integration with almost all of the major service providers. This is one big USP that you find with Thrive, which is not common with other page builders.

Thrive Architect Pricing


Thrive Architect offers a pretty straightforward pricing structure, and the best part is that all the prices are for lifetime access to the software.

● License for 1 Site: $67

● License for 5 Sites: $97

 There is another option in which you can become a Thrive member and get 25 Thrive Architect licenses. This plan is priced at $19 per month and is paid annually at $228.

In this plan, you get all Thrive plugins, a set of handy plugins used to build perfect websites.

 As per me, the best plugin is the Thrive optimize, in which you can A/B test your landing pages and improve on. All this is done on automation and generates outstanding data for you to analyze and create the perfect landing page.

 You can also upgrade the plans with more site licenses as per your needs. There is an option to increase up to 15 rights also.

 The inclusions with the subscription are:

 ● 1 Year of Support

● 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

● A bit about the Guarantee

The Guarantee is a must and the best thing, in my view with Thrive Architect. It removes all the doubt for new customers as you can test the plugin for 30 Days and get a refund if you find any issues.

What's coming next after I purchase?

Thrive Architect- The Best Landing Page Builder

Create the Sales Drive Landing Page Now

Although the plugin has everything you will need to build landing pages, many things keep popping up in the marketing world and Thrive to match those to remain relevant.
Because of this, Thrive commits to adding new things, including

  • More Landing Page templates in addition to the 278 ones already available
  • New content elements to improve conversions further
  • With the Thrive Optimize Add-on, you can A/B test your landing pages
  • And much more


I hope you have the answers to all your doubts in this thrive architect review and have all the information to decide.

After using it and comparing it with all the leading page builders, including Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, and others, I can easily say that it is best.

Thrive Architect does not lack any feature or convenience compared to any of the competitors.

It should be your No. 1 choice if you are trying to create a landing page or funnel or if your main goal is sales or generating leads.

You will get all the required features for optimization within the same plugin, and you won't have to download 3rd party plugins.

With loads of pre-built templates, UI and UX optimized software, user-friendly support, and large communities are reasons you should choose Thrive Architect without any doubt in mind!

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