Grammarly Review 2021: The most amazing tool to improve your writing skills

If you are someone who is into the writing business or does academic writing or writes a lot in general, then you must understand the value of Grammarly in your life.

For a writer, Grammarly is no less than Noah’s ark. It saves you from errors that could get your article or assignments rejected.

Ever since its launch, Grammarly has seen a rapid surge in its demand.

If you are someone looking for ways to improve your English then Grammarly would of great help to you.

Even if you are a professional in English, sometimes you can also get confused or have doubts about your grammar, well, Grammarly comes to aid.

What makes Grammarly so popular and why you can trust and utilise this tool is what we are going to discuss in my Grammarly review.

In this review, I will try to give an honest review and get into as many details as I can.

A little backstory

2009 was the year, when Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and DmytroLider, developed Grammarly as a tool that can detect grammar errors in your writing.

Over the years, with the increasing usage of Grammarly, it has been launched as an app, as a web extension and as an online editor.

A little in detail about the most popular tool

Let’s begin by understanding what Grammarly is.

Grammarly Reviews

Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-based tool that can help you proofread and edit your articles, your mails and anything you write, in general.

Grammar is one of the most important parts of the English language. Good grammar can make your article or get it thrown in the dumpster.

But, to write something that can be considered a marvel you have to take care of more than just grammar.

To make your article great from the good, you need to be clear in your writing, your tone should be aligned with the format and your vocabulary should be compelling.

With the amazing features it has and many services it offers, Grammarly has become one of the most sought after writing assistant tool.

Where most writing assistant tool just checks your grammar, Grammarly does more than that.

The multi-purpose use of Grammarly is what makes it stand out among its peer. 

When you upload a document to for proof-reading, Grammarly besides checking the correctness it also checks the clarity engagement and plagiarism.

Since this is going to be a full Grammarly review let’s get into details of all the way Grammarly helps you.

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Grammarly Review 2020: Features of Grammarly

The Grammarly is loaded with many features which provide the users with a highly satisfying experience.

1. Correctness

When you upload a document or your writing to Grammarly, it will check your grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

Grammarly Review Correctness

Any related error is shown with a red line under the misspelt word, wrong punctuation and wrong usage of grammar. 

After showing you the error, this masterpiece of a tool also helps you in correcting those errors.

Grammarly provides suggestion to the errors and helps you make your article error-free.

If for some reason Grammarly marks a word as wrong when it is not, such as a name or a phrase, you can add it to the dictionary.

Once you add a word to the Grammarly dictionary, it will not be shown as an error.

A lot of times, Grammarly mistakenly mark something as an error when in actuality it is not.

You can tackle this issue by simply clicking on the ‘incorrect suggestion’ and Grammarly won’t show it as an error.

2. Clarity

Besides checking your grammar, Grammarly also checks the clarity of your writing. After you upload a document to the, you are asked to choose certain options.

Grammarly Review Clarity

Based on your chosen options, you are provided tailored suggestions to enhance your experience.

  • Audience: To impress your audience you need to know them first. Grammarly asks you to choose your target audience. It provides you with three options:
  • General: Can be read easily by anyone
  • Knowledgeable: requires focus to understand
  • Expert: requires rereading to understand

Grammarly then give you a tailored suggestion based on your target audience; whether they have certain knowledge about the topic or are an expert or are you targeting the general audience

  • Formality: Formality is an important aspect when writing something. An academic piece or a research paper requires strict formal writing. There cannot be any room for casual phrases or slang. Whereas, if you are writing a review or you’re trying to sell something, you can sound friendly in your writing to impress the readers.
  • Formal: Does not allow room for casual phrases or slangs
  • Neutral: no slangs but casual phrases can be used
  • Informal: friendly language, allows slangs and casual phrases
  • Tone: The tone of your article is important and has an impact on your writing and the person reading it. Here are the options you can choose to get tailored edit suggestions:
  • Confident
  • Joyful
  • Neutral
  • Optimistic
  • Analytical
  • Friendly
  • Urgent
  • Respectful
  • Intent: What do you want to achieve with your writing. Are you trying to inform your readers about the dangers of an on-going pandemic or are you trying to convince them to buy a product? When you know the intent of your writing, you write better.
  • Describe
  • Convince
  • Inform
  • Tell a story

Domain: This is a premium exclusive features which you can enjoy only if you buy the premium version of the tool. With a domain, you can choose whether you are writing an academic piece, business-centric article or an email.

  • Academic
  • General
  • Business
  • Creative
  • Email
  • Casual

Based on the above-chosen goal and audience, Grammarly provides you with tailored suggestions to make your writing better and more impressiv

3. Engagement

After proof-reading your writing Grammarly tells you how engaging your article is and helps you make the necessary changes to make them more engaging.

Grammarly Engagement

It checks your vocabulary and helps you in replacing basic words with compelling vocabulary.

It also checks for repeating monotonous sentences and helps in improving them make them look creative and engaging.

4. Delivery

Based on your chosen audience and goals, Grammarly checks the delivery of your writing.

If the tone you are going for is right or not and if you sound confident and the level of formality.

After checking your writing by using artificial intelligence, Grammarly tells you about the delivery and gives you suggestions to make them better.

5. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the most important check you need to do before you submit your work. Plagiarism not only discredits you but could land you in a serious lawsuit.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

A lot of times, we unknowingly write something so similar to someone else’s writing or almost the same on some other website.

This is what plagiarism is. Grammarly helps you with plagiarism as well.

It matches your writing with billions of web pages and alerts you of all the passages that may need citations.

Plagiarism is an exclusive feature that you enjoy with Grammarly premium.

The Grammarly score

Grammarly gives you an overall score after studying your writing.You are awarded a score out of 100, based on your performance.

To improve your score, you can take help from the Grammarly help assistant. It calculates word count, characters and sentences and estimates the reading time and speaking time.

It also gives you readability score, that is, how likely is your article to be understood by the audience. The vocabulary score gives you an estimate of the unique and rare words used in your article.

You can improve your score by taking help from Grammarly assistant and making necessary changes.

Grammarly Premium

A Grammarly review would be incomplete without getting into details about the Premium versions. With Grammarly premium, you can enjoy so many amazing features. allows you to enjoy some of the features for free such as checking your grammar, spelling, and punctuations and also checking clarity.

But, to unlock other features such as plagiarism check, help from writing experts, and many more, you need to buy the Premium version.

You can either make an annual payment or buy a monthly subscription. Once you have the premium version, you can enjoy the advance level of Grammarly services.

Let’s now get into details about the Grammarly premium versions.

Grammarly premium has two versions; the premium version for individual and the business version for the team.

The Grammarly Premium version for an individual is available at $11.66 per month, whereas the business version is available at $12.50 per member per month.

The business version can be used by a team of 3 to 149 people.

In the free version the clarity, engagement and delivery are not checked in some sites but with the premium version, these three features are available at all sites.

You also enjoy other features such as plagiarism check, expert help and other advanced corrections.

The basic difference between the premium and business version is the number of users allowed.

The premium version gives licence to only 1 user whereas the business version provides a licence to 3 to 149 users. Now when there are so many users using the same account it has to be properly managed.

Grammarly does that too; the business version provides you with a powerful team management system that helps you in keeping track of all the users and their billings.

Grammarly business team management features include:

  • Individual account
  • Style guide
  • Admin panel
  • Centralized billing
  • Team usage statistic
  • Priority email support
  • SAML single sign-on

Grammarly anytime anywhere

In the above sections, we discussed everything about the Grammarly, its features, its different versions and how you can utilise it to better your writing skills.

Let us now close our Grammarly review by discussing the one last marvellous quality of Grammarly that makes it the best Grammar check tool.

You can use Grammarly however you wish. If you want to use the app, it is available on play store, windows and IOS.

To get the web-extension you can simply download and add it to your browser. If you want to add to your keyboard, that is also possible.

The many formats of Grammarly make it very handy and popular. You can use whatever format you prefer.

KeyboardIOS and AndroidOnly basic suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestions
Add-inMS Word and MS outlookOnly basic suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestions
AppIOS, Playstore, MicrosoftOnly basic suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestions
Browser extensionChrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet explorerOnly basic suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestions
DocsGoogleOnly basic suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestionsBasic and advanced suggestions

My verdict

The Grammarly is the best tool for anyone who wishes to improve their writing skills or is just starting in the writing world.

To turn your written piece into a masterpiece you need it to be excellent in every way, from vocabulary to formatting and of course it has to be plagiarism-free.

Grammarly is just the right tool you can use for this purpose. It will show you all the errors in your writing and will assist you in getting rid of those errors.

While all the other grammar check tools are restricted to checking the grammar and available just as a website or an app, Grammarly does more than that and in various formats.

With Grammarly’s help you can deliver exactly what you want.

The artificial intelligence reads your chosen goal and audience and generates results that will help you tailor your writing accordingly and deliver an excellent piece of work.

Grammarly is not too expensive considering all the amazing services it provides to the users.

If you are someone who rarely does writing then you can enjoy the free version. But, if you are a writer then, buying the premium version is something I would recommend.

You can buy the business version for your team where you all can access the Grammarly and work together on delivering the best contents to your clients.


I will end the Grammarly review by stating that Grammarly is among the best tools for a writer.

If you are someone who wants to improve their writing skills or learn to write better, then using Grammarly can be helpful.

The user-friendly formats and features and quality of its services along with the affordable price make it.

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