Top 15 Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Lucknow

With days and months, technology is becoming more successful and getting bright.

Digital Marketing is one of those technologies based marketing which has gained popularity over the decade by giving considerable profits to the professionals.

Nowadays, people are joining the Best Digital Marketing Course to add some values in their profile to get a good job.

Suppose you are also living in Lucknow and searching for such an opportunity to get a good hike in your salary and to take a significant part in the country’s economy.

In that case, you must enroll yourself by finding the Top Internet Marketing Course in Lucknow.

Why Digital Marketing is the most demanding profession worldwide?

Digital Marketing, also known as Intenet Marketing or Online Marketing, is the most profitable way to make your business accessible throughout the globe in very little time.

It also needs very less investment than traditional marketing to promote the business online.

There are many digital marketing activities to reach the right audience to show information related to your business.

You can even target only those potential users who are dedicated surfing to buy your product or services.

You will get to know all the benefits and demands in detail in the professional digital marketing tutors’ lectures.

The opportunity is open, so you don’t need to wait further. Just choose the best Digital Marketing in Lucknow and enroll for the course to learn the technique.

List of  Top 15 Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow


Learning Institute of Internet Marketing is a new name in digital marketing institutions. But their dedication has paid them off.

They try to teach students in small batches so that they will learn quickly And effortlessly.


They have three months course with five live projects. They have divided their whole curriculum into 18 modules. 

Course Overview:

    • After your course is over, you will get nine certificates, and some of them are from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 
    • They mainly focus on Search engine optimization and Google AdWords to teach you the essentials of Online Marketing.

2] Rank Up Idea

It is an IT training institute which also offers digital marketing courses.

They will give you a basic idea about PHP and HTML and their syntax. They will teach you how to draw up ads and do social media marketing. 


Their course is divided into 17 modules to cover in 6 weeks. And they are a lot cheaper than other institutions.

They teach offline in classrooms to give you the best exposure you need.

Course Overview:

    • They will teach you about pay-per-click ads, CAPTCHA, Email marketing, Banner marketing, affiliate marketing, and many more things. 
    • You will also learn about Search engine optimization to bring your websites on top of the Google SERP. 
    • Website development and blogging are also a part of their curriculum.

3] Slide-scope

Slide-scope is one of the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow and popular in other parts of the country.

They teach via classroom mode to give their student full attention and priority. 


You have two options for the course – 3 or 6 months. And the course is divided into 12 modules to cover everything in the best way.

Course Overview:

    • You will learn about PHP, CSS, and basic website designing and web hosting panels. They will also teach you about WordPress, the best website designing tool.
    • In the marketing section, you will learn Email marketing, Social media marketing, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. 
    • You will learn to create video and image ads, YouTube ads, PPC, etc. They will teach you about brand name management as well.
    • You can also learn about the usage of Google Webmaster Tools, monetize your website, local SEO, research keywords, and business analytics. They are giving you the full package.

 After completing your course, you have to work on your projects to get the hands-on experience you need for your career.

 4] Digi Trend

Digi Trend is one of the 1. With Digi Trend, you will be getting a two-month free Graphic designing course as open with their six-month course.

They will also offer you an internship to get hands-on experience to handle the live projects.


They will be teaching you through regular classes for 2hours a day. After 135 classes and internships, you will earn 12 certificates. 

Course Overview:

    • They will teach you about Google AdWords, CorelDraw, Photoshop, and a lot more through those classes.
    • They will also provide you with study material and courseware for free. 


DSIM is the leading name in the digital marketing world of Asia.

They started their business in 2011, and within nine years, they became the giant in the internet marketing world.

They opened their branch in Lucknow 3 years back to teach young minds about this new marketing era and give them a competitive edge.

You can choose any of the teaching modes i.e., online or offline, and you will be learning a lot through their hand-on experience.


They offer combined classes of 4 courses divided into 36 modules. 

Course Overview:

    • Throughout the course, you will learn about Black Hat techniques and affiliate marketing.
    • You will be learning how to do social media marketing and SEO.
    • You will be getting 15 certificates at the end of your course, and two of them are from Google and Facebook.

6] Creative-kalakar

Creative-kalakar is one of the brightest Institute for Digital marketing in Lucknow.

They may come late in this field, but they had made a name for themselves within five years.

They cater to the brightest minds in our country to make them leaders in digital marketing.


Their curriculum is distributed into 14 modules. In those modules, you will be learning about different types of marketing strategies and website designing.

Course Overview:

    • In the modules about website designing, they will teach you the basics languages of a website, like- HTML, PHP, CSS, WordPress, and how to get your website online using the different website hosting services.
    • In the digital marketing modules, you will first know about essential marketing and Black Hat techniques. 
    • You will then learn about search engine optimization, on-page, and off-page optimization techniques, pay-per-click advertising, video ads, etc.

 7] Digital Sanskriti

Digital Sanskriti is an online digital marketing institute. They have different courses from which you can choose according to your likings. 


They offer courses of 3 to 6 months based on the difficulty levels and session types. They offer live online classes and weekend classes as well.

Course Overview:

    • Their course includes SEO, SMM, SMO, and other activities.
    • They will also give you a free domain name and website hosting service for a year. 
    • In their online internet marketing classes, you will get exposure to working on live projects for hands-on training.
    • At the end of your training, they will give you certificates from Google and many other big companies. 
    • They will give you a recommendation letter along with your completion certificate for future reference.
    • Along with teaching you about digital marketing, they will be preparing you for interviews and will help you to arrange for your internship.

8] MMB Academy

MMB Academy has one of the best infrastructures to teach you modern marketing techniques, followed by the trends in the global market.

Their syllabus is proof of being the Best Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow.


They offer four different types of marketing courses- basic, standard, silver, and gold.

In any of this course, you will have the opportunity to work on live projects and join interactive classes. 

Course Overview:

    • They offer leading experts in the field of digital marketing to teach you the basic tricks. 
    • Along with PHP and WordPress, you will be learning about Search engine optimization and white hat techniques in online marketing.

9] Promosystech

Promosytech is another institute of Digital marketing in Lucknow. They came into existence three years ago, but they are getting ahead in the race day-by-day.


They have a rigorous curriculum of 45 hours of classes. Their syllabus is distributed into 20 modules for convenience.

Their course consists of hands-on experience, live classes, interactive sessions, group discussions, and live projects.

Course Overview:

    • Google certified marketing experts conduct the training. 
    • This course will get 1-year membership, free domain registration, and lifetime support from them.
    • They will also help you to get your CV ready for job placement. 
    • They focus on the individual to give them the attention they need.

10] DigiPerform

They provide online classes that you can access from your smartphone or your computer.

They have a smooth, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and can be accessed from anywhere as per your time flexibility.


They provide 90 hours of HD videos and slides for you to go through. Their courses are divided into 56 modules for better understanding.

Course Overview:

    • They cover almost everything which comes under the Digital Marketing syllabus.
    • Their program is divided into five levels and created with the help of professionals.
    • They organize surprise tests to check your progress and to help you assess your abilities. 
    • At the end of the program, you will get 15 certificates for your future reference.

11] Mojo Technologies

They train professionals to tackle many difficulties in the marketing world poses by Google certified experts. 


They offer courses for three months, and their curriculum is distributed into many modules for students’ convenience. 

Course Overview:

    • They will teach you about inbound marketing, search engine optimization, SMM, net project training, etc. 
    • At the end of the course, you will be given projects to know how the real world works. It will give you the experience and confidence to handle the projects in the digital marketing world.

12] DigiTech365

DigiTech 365 provides one of the Top Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow. With super flexible classes, they make you job-ready by allowing handling live projects during the course.


They have flexible course lengths so that you can fit it into your busy schedule. They give you 1 to 3 months of courses. 

Course Overview:

    • In these classroom-based courses, you will be learning about PPC Advertisement, search engine optimization, social media optimization, and Google AdWords.
    • At the end of the course, they will give you certificates for your future reference. 
    • They will also help you to get ready for your interview.

13] ScimoX

ScimoX may not be a household name in the digital marketing training industry, but their training modules are very effective.

They offer the Best Internet Marketing Course in Lucknowand during the course, you will learn from the beginning and become an expert digital marketer.


They have a course length of 6 months, divided into eight modules for better optimization.

Course Overview:

    • In these modules, they cover everything about digital marketing from WordPress usage to Google AdWords. 
    • They will teach you about inbound marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing.
    • You will also learn about video marketing, PPC, search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media optimization.
    • The course also includes many other things like the black hat and white hat techniques.

14] Training@Infoseek

They offer short term courses via classroom mode of learning. Their curriculum is expertly crafted to give you the most benefit in less time. 


Their courses are four months long but can easily fit right into your busy schedule.

Course Overview:

    • They will teach you the basics of Email marketing, Google analytics, banner marketing.
    • The syllabus also contains PPC advertisements, brand name management, social media marketing.
    • You will also learn search engine optimization (SEO) for getting more hits on websites. 

15] Escalera Technologies

They provide both online and offline teaching formats to access the study material from anywhere as per your convenience and flexible timing.


Their course has a length of 6 months and consists of 12 modules.

Course Overview:

    • In those 12 modules, you will learn about website development and hosting.
    • In digital marketing modules, they will teach you about SEO, SMM, SMO, twitter, Facebook, Yahoo marketing, etc. 
    • They will also teach you how to do inbound marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc.


One thing is common in all these top 15 institutes in Lucknow that they all use digital talk shows.

You can search, they have several social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

This is not the end, and you can get more ideas about the organic reach in a book written by Sorav Jain on digital strategies.

So, these are the most exciting and famous organizations of Digital Marketing in Lucknow.

You can join any one of them based on their course duration and curriculum, The world is getting advanced with digital marketing, and you should also become a part of this highly demanded profession.

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