7 Best Free Camtasia Alternatives for Mac and Windows to use in 2021

Camtasia is one of the best software products that helps seamless creation of video tutorials by connection to PowerPoint through a plugin or by using screencast.

Camtasia is created by a company Tech Smith and has very high demands and requirements.

But now, people are inching towards looking for some productive alternatives for Camtasia.

The reason behind this is the hefty pricing of $249. Camtasia does have worthy features to give justice to this chargeable amount.

The people who have a slightly less budget can also get Camtasia kind of software efficiency in some best alternatives.

In this article, you will know about some of the best free Camtasia alternatives for your perfect software to create video tutorials.

Moreover, these Camtasia alternatives will be compatible with both Windows & Mac.

Things to Look in Every Camtasia Alternative

There are specific considerations based on which the alternatives are decided for giving out similar attributes, just like Camtasia.

So, before you get an idea about the other options, consider knowing these essential things to look for.

Software is stated to be an efficient Camtasia alternative if it has all these following factors as mentioned below:

  • Flexible Screen-recording feature
  • Pan & Zoom feature
  • Editing integrations
  • Competitive or low pricing than Camtasia.
  • Cursor effects.

You need to know one thing that it is not mandatory for all the alternatives that are mentioned below to have all these mentioned features.

But these types of software have the maximum possible required elements in it.

 Camtasia alternatives for Screen Recording(Mac & Windows)

Here are some of the free-to-use alternatives to help you save a lot of money for creating your video content.

These alternatives are highly effective and have the core features to make your instructional content come out amazing.

1. Cam Studio 

Cam Studio

Cam Studio is considerably one of the best Camtasia alternatives that is proficient for screen recording without much hassle.

It can not only record screen videos but can also create AVI files.

Cam Studio is also a perfect alternative for converting the videos to online streaming video files.

For all the instructional video producers who want a free alternative with moderate features of Camtasia can go for Cam Studio.

Moreover, Cam Studio has a perfect recording tool embedded to smoothen the process without many bugs.

The latest upgrade has been implemented to remove all the minor bugs and errors to streamline the performance.

Mac users cannot use this much efficiently, for which it is preferred mostly by Windows users.

All the tools available over Cam Studio are embedded with high-end productive features.

These feature inclusions make Cam Studio, an efficient Camtasia alternative for which you do not have to pay a single penny.  


  • It consists of a lot of video editing tools.
  • Downloading is completely free
  • No Video limit length 
  • Picture-in-picture recording ability.

2. FilmoraScrn 

Filmora Scrn

FilmoraScrn is yet another one of the best Camtasia alternatives to help you come up with some of the best intuitive features, just like Camtasia.

It comes with annotations, cursor effects, callouts, and many other features that make it performance ability similar to that of Camtasia.

The best part is you do not need to pay anything for using this Camtasia alternative.

It can help you offer screen recording and webcam recording features ideally. This will eventually help you to do record video tutorials for your YouTube.

Moreover, you can also do seamless Twitch Streaming with the use of FilmoraScrn.

FilmoraScrn is also published by Tech Smith Company, who is the father of Camtasia as well.

So, if you are planning on availing of the best features of Camtasia without a hefty tag, then FilmoraScrn is the best alternative for the same.

FilmoraScrn can capture the recordings for 120 FPS over the Windows system, and the Mac users have the restriction to record the videos with 60 FPS.

There are specific editing tools as well that will help you change the look of the cursor and also add attractive annotations in the recorded video.

You can eventually go for the free trial version to use and experience the efficacy all by yourself.

But if you want to get the complete access, you might have to pay an additional $29.99 for a lifetime license.

This is very competitive and super-less than Camtasia. Try & Judge it for yourself!


  • The recording time is unlimited.
  • The video editing features are genuinely intuitive.
  • Webcam and screen recording can be done at the same time. 
  • 120 FPS recording feature for Windows users.

3. Tech Smith Capture (Jing)


Jing is yet another efficient Camtasia alternative that works proficiently on both Mac as well as Windows platforms.

The interface of Jing is pretty intuitive and is quite easy to use as well. Moreover, the software allows you to record only a 5-minute video for free with limited features.

For experiencing the complete efficacy of Jing, you can always buy the affordable upgraded version.

Do not worry as you don’t need to pay a hefty amount like Camtasia. The features are quite extensive, and that is what makes it one of the best Camtasia alternatives.

Adding more to its perks, it is a lightweight screen capturing software.

All the images or videos that are recorded from the desktop can be transferred to screencast for further sharing.

With screencast, you can easily share the recorded images or videos with family, friends, & colleagues. Moreover, you can also directly add them to Facebook.

Jing is embedded with a crosshair feature for screen recording.

In addition to that, the customization feature also allows you to take snaps of specific content over the screen.

All the files you create and all the videos you record are stored with Jing for future reference or work edits.


  • Jing recorded videos can be edited with Camtasia.
  • Smooth sharing of captured images and videos.
  • Optimal performance in both Mac as well as Windows.
  • The menu Layout is comfortable to access.
  • History feature for saving all works over Jing.

4. Screencast-O-Matic


Screencast-O-Matic is yet another popular Camtasia alternative that helps you in screen recording and screen capturing aspects.

This is highly preferred by the audience for playing or working considerations. 

It gives a quality platform for creating and sharing educational content.

With screencast, you can be clear on recording the essential details of your tutorial video to help the viewers get the point you want to explain.

You do not need to spend much time or re-recording sessions for capturing your content as the screencast is smooth, and it will assist you in making swift contents in one take.

This Camtasia alternative is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms.

The only limitation of this screen recorder is that you cannot record beyond 15 minutes. There is a free version with limited features that are efficient for beginners.

If you want to give your videos a professional touch, then buy the PRO version to get rid of the limitations.

You can change the scale of the recordings, get audio highlights, pro-editing, and other such features.

Moreover, you can also remove the watermarks that are the biggest concern for most of the video creators.


  • The software is easy to control
  • Necessary editing tools are available in the free version.
  • YouTube upload is simple and easy.
  • Screen & Webcam seamless recording. 
  • The interface is easy for navigation, especially for beginners. 

5. Webinaria

Webinaria is one of the best versions of free Camtasia alternatives that are a completely free variant of screen recorder for the windows platform.

The video recording experience is commendable with Webinaria.

Webinaria is embedded with a snipping tool for taking select snaps of relevant content on the screen.

Moreover, it also allows a video cutting feature for attaching with the docs. Video sharing experience ensures user satisfaction.

Furthermore, you can also add text details to the videos to make it more interactive.

You do not need any experience to use Webinaria, and this is one of the best Camtasia alternatives.

Many intuitive features include a tabbed control panel for seamless navigation and usability.

The setting options are also feasible where you get to choose either the whole screen for recording or a particular section.

Moreover, you are also enabled to use the frame rate switching options for better efficient recording.

It enables microphone and webcam recording features along with the necessary screen recording or screen capturing functions.


  • There are many different screen recording methods.
  • Saving feature for storing the recording history.
  • The recordings can be uploaded, converted, and shared quickly. 
  • It is a lightweight software that has an easy interface for enhanced user experience.

6. OBS

OBS Camtasia Alternatives

OBS is an active open-source Camtasia alternative that makes it easy for operating on diverse platforms.

If you are interested in video game streaming on YouTube or Twitch, then this is the best alternative that you can use.

The live streaming of OBS is done at 60 FPS.

OBS ensures smooth video recording with efficient features. Moreover, you can also add audio along with the video to provide superior performance.

The capture feature is intuitive and is embedded with many filters. There are many different video resources such as chroma key, color correcting plugins, color key, masking, and others.

The product is entirely free without any restrictions or limitations.

Several resources can be used for adding several customizations to make the video recording smoother.

Not only that, but you can also stream with it over Facebook Live, Hitbox, and many other such apps.


  • Cross-platform functionality is possible.
  • There are no shrouded installments in it. 
  • Streaming is feasible over most of the platforms. 
  • It has pre-design modules for better performance.
  • It is equipped with various video sources.

7. Monosnap


For all the non-commercial needs, Monosnap is one of the best Camtasia alternatives that are entirely free.

The only thing that you must know is it does not allow you to edit the videos after the production of the video.

Monosnap allows you to record the screen with this innovative tool. With it, you can either record a part of the screen, a different window, or the entire screen without any limitations.

These intuitive features make Monosnap one of the best alternatives for Camtasia.

Apart from all these features, Monosnap consists of a multiplier tool embedded within the software to make the cropped video section clearer.

You also get a hotkey feature that will enhance the speed of the work process over the software.

You will also get a cloud storage feature to save the work files for future reference.

Moreover, to make sure you make your videos more informative, add a highlighting feature by adding texts in the video or using a pen.

It is a lightweight recorder that is the best software for the instructors to make a how-to video for the viewers who are seeking knowledge.

In addition to that, you can also enable the viewers to connect to the Monosnap server for hosting different videos.

Using the hotkey feature, you can speed up your customized screen recording process.


  • The interface is very much sequential and easy to navigate.
  • Screenshots and screencasts are proactive features.
  • It has voiceover features to add to the videos. 
  • Video upload is speedy to save you time. 
  • Allows you to add notes and annotations to videos and screen captures.
  • The drag & drop saving feature is embedded.


These are a few of the best Camtasia alternatives that are somehow free for use to help you save a lot of money for using quality screen recording.

You can try them all to help yourself find the best that suits your needs and requirements.

There are different features in all this software mentioned above that improvise screen recording in their own style.

So, if you are looking for Camtasia alternatives, you need to study them to find the best one that can help you with your screen recording requirements.

You can either do it for fun, video game streaming, giving tutorials, uploading video contents over YouTube, and much more. So, try them all out today!

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