7+ Best Bluehost Alternatives That Saves Your Money

Are you tired of using Bluehost Hosting and want to migrate your site to advanced-level hosting?

If Yes, then in this article, we will show you the best Bluehost alternatives that you should go with.

Once upon a time when Bluehost was the top-notch hosting, but nowadays, it’s not providing the quality service that we may want due to EIG has acquired Bluehost company.

Here are the reasons for Bluehost Alternatives?

Why Bluehost Alternatives?

Bluehost is one of the leading web-hosting providers, but after being acquired by EIG, the main reasons for alternatives took place.

EIG has acquired many hosting companies and offers web hosting services from one place, due to which customers are not getting satisfied service.

Customers suffer a lot due to this unethical behaviour and migrate their site to other web hosting with premium quality service with cheap pricing.

Below you’ll find the top and best web hosting offering the same quality services at your affordable pricing.

List of Best Bluehost Alternatives 2021

Best Bluehost AlternativesPricingDeals
A2 HostingStarting $2.99/mo[Grab This Deal]
WPX HostingStarting $20.83/mo[Grab This Deal]
FastcometStarting $3.48/mo[Grab This Deal]
HostgatorStarting $2.95/mo[Grab This Deal]
TMD HostingStarting $2.95/mo[Grab This Deal]
InterserverStarting $2.50/mo[Grab This Deal]
NamecheapStarting $1.58/mo[Grab This Deal]
InmotionStarting $5.99/mo[Grab This Deal]

Top 8 Best Bluehost Alternatives 2021

If you want to migrate your site to advanced-level hosting with premium features, then below, you’ll find the top and best hosting to start your blogging career.

Here is the list of Best Alternatives of Bluehost:-

1. A2 Hosting

One of the fastest web hosting providers, A2 Hosting can be an excellent choice for you. They have been enhancing and serving the hosting service since 2001.

Speed is the main factor nowadays when it comes to choosing a new hosting provider. The well-optimized plans of A2 Hosting make your Uptime very reliable.


●       Reasonable Pricing: A2 Hosting is offering its hosting plans with very reasonable pricing. Their Shared Hosting plans are starting from $2.99/month.

●       Reliable Uptime: A2 Hosting commits 99.9% uptime. Which makes you sure that your website is live and running smoothly.

●       UltraFast SSD: All the shared hosting plans of A2 Hosting come with Ultrafast and pure SSD.

●       Reliable Support: A2 Hosting is providing 24/7/365 Support to every customer.

Best For:

If you have already started your web journey and want to enhance your website’s performance, then you should give it a try.

2. WPX Hosting

Is that your website made on WordPress, or wondering about shifting your site to WordPress? If yes, then WPX Hosting is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers.

Their managed WordPress hosting is focused on enhancing the performance of your website. It has the most affordable plans in comparison to other managed WordPress hosting providers.


●       Speed: WPX Hosting provides you with extremely fast speed and enhances your web performance.

●       Free Optimization: WPX Hosting is offering free site speed optimization So that you can maximize the Google Core Web Vitals scores.

●       Smooth Support: WPX Hosting is providing you with one of the smoothest Support you have seen ever. Their average response time is only 30 seconds.

●       Free CDN: WPX Hosting has its own lightning-fast CDN. And they are providing you for absolutely free.

Best For:

If you are running a heavy WordPress Website or wondering about moving your heavy website on WordPress, then WPX Hosting is best for you. It enhances your performance faster than your thinking.

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3. FastComet

FastComet is one of the leading champions and an excellent alternative to Bluehost. Established in 2013, FastComet is currently serving more than 70,000 active clients.

They have 11 server locations, including big cities like- London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Mumbai, and Tokyo. 

The substantial uptime at a reasonable price of this hosting provider is advisable for small firms or blogs with significant traffic. 


  • Uptime: The uptime of a server is a significant factor before opting for a new web hosting. FastComet is assuring a strong Uptime of 99.95%. 
  • Fast Support: FastComet is providing very good and much faster support to its customers. They claim that they are resolving 83% of the issues in less than 15 minutes.
  • Free CDN: To improve the performance of a Website, CDN can be a perfect option. FastComet is providing free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Server Locations: They are offering 13 different server locations, including some major cities.

Best For:

If you are running a small agency or a blog with good traffic, you should go with FastComet. They offer an excellent server uptime at a meager cost, starting from $2.95/month.

4. HostGator

Hostgator is one of the Excellent alternatives of Bluehost. The lowest pricing of their plans makes this hosting affordable for beginners or small firms. 

It is one of the most used hosting providers in this industry. They are currently hosting a total of 10 million Websites on their servers and also making them live with excellent uptime. 

They offer all kinds of hostings- Shared, Cloud, VPS, Managed WordPress, and Dedicated servers. 


  • Performance: Hostgator is giving outstanding performance to everyone Website hosting on their servers. In our tests, we have found that The average load time of this hosting is 1.03 seconds.
  • Affordable Plans: Hostgator is offering its services at very reasonable pricing. The shared plans of this hosting start from only $2.75/month.
  • Free Domain: You will get a free domain with every shared hosting plan you purchase from Hostgator.
  • Support: Hostgator is rated as one of the best providers when it comes to Support. They are offering Support through- Live Chat, Knowledge Base and Phone calls. 

Best For:

If you are getting started with the world of websites. Or just want to start your blog on WordPress, then you should start with Hostgator. It is the cheapest hosting provider with a very good performance.

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5. TMD Hosting

TMD Hosting is one of the most underrated hosting providers. It has an excellent customer base, but it doesn’t advertise its hosting that much.

Established in 2007, TMD Hosting has now expanded a lot. Currently, they are giving a total of 7 different server locations. Their Shared Hosting plans start from only $2.95/month and offer outstanding performance.


  • Unlimited SSD Space: TMD Hosting is offering Unlimited SSD Space with every shared hosting plan. Their SSDs are also very fast.
  • NGINX Web Server: Most hosting providers offer you a Litespeed web server, which is not that much optimised. TMD Hosting is offering you NGINX Web Server, which is much faster than a Litespeed web server.
  • Free Domain: You will get an absolutely free domain name if you purchase any of their shared hosting plans.
  • Security: The security of your server is an essential factor. They are claiming that they have Military-grade security and protection against spam.

Best For:

TMD Hosting is highly recommended to beginners. They are offering their shared plans at a very affordable price. You will also get a free domain with every plan.

6. Interserver

Interserver is one of the top-level and cheapest hosting with lots of exciting features that you’ll get with this hosting. The shared hosting plans of inter-server are used by over 10k+ users, and their reviews are outstanding.

If you aren’t satisfied with their service, then you can easily opt for a refund as they offer 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, if they failed to provide you 100% uptime, they will credit you 50% of the cost as they have promised.


  • Unlimited Storage Space: Interserver is offering unlimited storage space. It means you don’t need to compress anything to save data storage.
  • Free SSL Certificate: With the Interserver Hosting, you’ll be getting the Free SSL Certification for your website.
  • Weekly Backups: You don’t need to backup your data regularly because the interserver will perform the weekly backup of your website
  • Speed Optimization: As you know, Speed has become a ranking factor, and with the Interserver hosting, you can optimize your website Speed that will lead to a higher ranking on google.

Best For:

Interserver Hosting is highly recommended for agencies as they can store their client data without any limitation and the uptime and support offered by this hosting is also incredible.

7. Namecheap

Namecheap as the name indicates cheap, and that’s true, no doubt. Namecheap is one of the most affordable and best web hosting for beginners. Namecheap has the best shared hosting plans with premium features that you will not get in any other shared hosting.


  • Uptime: Namecheap guarantees to provide 100% uptime to their customers, and no doubt about uptime, it’s fantastic.
  • Cost-Effective: Namecheap plans are cheap with such exciting features, which results in cost reduction.
  • Support: Namecheap is rated as one of the best providers when it comes to Support. They are offering Support through- Live Chat & Ticket Base.
  • Performance: If you host your site on Namecheap, then you’re not going to face any site speed issues because, at this price range, you’ll be getting fantastic performance for your website.

Best For:

If you plan to start a website, then Namecheap will be the golden option because you’ll get incredible features at a cheap price. What more do you crave? Start your blogging career with Namecheap now.

8. InMotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is a well-known and award-winning brand for offering premium class hosting services with 99.99% uptime.


  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with their service, you can opt for a refund within 90 days.
  • Free Website Transfer: If your website was hosted on any other hosting, Inmotion will migrate your site to their server without extra cost.
  • SSD Drive Storages: Inmotion hosting uses a new kind of technology, which are way faster than old SSDs.
  • Free SSL Certificate: With this hosting, you’ll be getting a Free SSL Certification for your website.

Best For:

In that price range, the features you’re getting are incredible, and if you want your website performance like rocket speed and want to enjoy the advanced features, then you just give it a try to Inmotion hosting.

Which Hosting Is Best For Bloggers?

Every blogger has different needs, and according to the requirement, you should select yourself a top-notch level hosting. All the above-mentioned web hosting would be the perfect choice if you seriously want to grind in this blogging industry.

If you’re planning to start your E-commerce store, begin with A2 Hosting or Hostgator, which offers fast speed optimization and incredible customer support.

And if you’re serious about your blogging career or want to build a business, then you should start with WPX Hosting, which offers premium quality features at such affordable pricing.

WPX Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting has different packages that enable you to choose everything you need. You can have unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited PHP scripts, and more. At the same time, most of the other hosting companies don’t offer this kind of valuable service.

Their high-speed custom CDN network is unmatched when compared to other providers of similar packages. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a simple one-click installation process.

Unlimited Website Migrations

One of their most attractive offerings is their unlimited website migrations, and at the same time, they offer high-speed page and screen loading speeds. Their traffic is generally very high quality, their support and response time are top-notch, and their servers are located all over the globe, giving you the ability to serve any country in the world with ease. 

Unlimited website migrations are perhaps the most popular feature of WPX Hosting. With this service, website owners can quickly move their sites from one server to another whenever they feel the need. In addition to offering global deployment, they also offer a free domain name.

Outstanding Uptime

Apart from the best features, one of the best features of WPX Hosting is its amazing uptime guarantee. Most shared hosting offers a one-year uptime guarantee. If you are planning to make the most of the WordPress platform, you must go for WPX Hosting, which offers an affordable price. With a yearly uptime guarantee, you can also save a lot of money on the cost incurred in setting up the website.

Unlimited Features

With most shared hosting plans, you would be required to host your website on a shared server, affecting your disk space and bandwidth. However, you will not find such problems with WPX Hosting, which has built-in options that allow you to use a private server. As a result, you will be able to enjoy unlimited disk space and bandwidth, along with highly reliable hosting services at a low price.


You must also go for the best features of WPX Hosting, such as its high-quality software and the fact that it provides the customers with excellent customer care. It also includes support for the customers from the website’s launch until the end of the warranty period. It has a dedicated customer care team, which is available round the clock. 

FAQ on Bluehost Alternatives

1. What are the Best Alternatives for Bluehost?

There are various top and best Bluehost alternatives which are offering the same features at cheap pricing are as follows:-
A2 Hosting
WPX Hosting
TMD Hosting

2. Which Hosting is best, Hostgator or Bluehost?

I will recommend you to go with Hostgator because their support system and features are far better than Bluehost.

3. Who are Bluehost Competitors?

Not one there are many companies that came into existence as a competitor for Bluehost but according to me, it would be Greengeeks or Namecheap.

4. Which is better: Bluehost or DreamHost?

For this comparison, I would point out the budget and the web hosting needs. Both are best but, if you have investment then go with Bluehost or either Bluehost which is not a bad option, to be honest.

5. Is DreamHost really offer Unlimited Features?

Yes, you heard it right DreamHost offers unlimited features at such cheap pricing with excellent customer support.

6. Why is Bluehost Bad?

Bluehost was one of the leading hosting companies before EIG was acquired but after the acquisition customers faced lots of technical difficulties which resulted in finding the best Bluehost alternatives in 2021.

7. How much does Bluehost cost per month?

Bluehost Shared Hosting costs between $8.99 to $25.99 monthly which is quite good and you’ll get a Free Domain Name as well along with Hosting.

8. Is Hostgator Good for an Agency?

Yes, Hostgator would be the golden choice for agencies as they have various VPS plans with affordable pricing and with exciting features that are useful to manage your client websites.

They offer a 45 days Money back guarantee as well if you aren’t satisfied with their services.

9. Is Namecheap Good for Beginners?

I would say outstanding because of its cheap pricing and outstanding uptime and features that Namecheap offers. If you’re planning to start a blog then you can go with Namecheap without any doubt.

10. A2 Hosting is Best for Businesses?

If you want your Business/E-commerce site to run 24/7 without any technical difficulties then A2 Hosting is for you and their performance is also incredible. That will boost your website speed which will lead to higher conversion and hence user experience would improve.

Final Verdicts

Hopefully, this article has given you valuable information about what type of hosting is best for bloggers and why. I hope till now you’ve come up with any hosting that you’re going with.

Years back, Bluehost dominated the web hosting industry, but after EIG came into existence, every customer is disturbed, and everyone is finding the best Bluehost alternatives, which are providing the same features at affordable prices.

Let me know in the comment section which hosting you’re going to buy and if you have any doubts, then feel free to comment down.

Thanks For Reading!

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