15+ Best Travel Affiliate Program to Monetize your Blog[2021]

Who doesn’t love to travel! It seeks our peace and keeps us happy. However, the travel industry is the largest and most sustainable industry.

Various industry trends will come and go, but we all know that the travel industry is the most sustainable one.

Not surprisingly, the travel industry across all sectors contributes more than 8 trillion dollars to the world economy. With so much money, the travel affiliate endangered competition is intensifying in marketing. 

And the best part is, they are providing the services through online portals. Also, to promote their packages, one can earn an excellent profit.

If you are also looking for a good earning by working from home, we have listed the highly paying Best Travel Affiliate Program. 

You can opt for one or more programs and promote them on your social media, YouTube channel or blog. In returns, you will get not only a considerable number of followers but also handsome pocket money.

Today, we are going to talk about the Top 15 Best Travel Affiliate Programs. Let’s check them out with the details like what they are offering for the Affiliate Marketers.

List Of 15+Best Travel Affiliate ProgramsWebsite
Air Bnbwww.airbnb.com
Cruise Directhttps://www.cruisedirect.com/
Lonely Planethttps://www.lonelyplanet.com/
World Nomadswww.worldnomads.com
Anantara Resortshttps://www.anantara.com/
G Adventureshttps://www.gadventures.com/

Best Travel Affiliate Program to Monetize your Blog


Travelpayouts travel affiliate programs

Travelpayouts is a well known Travel Affiliate Program that has worked with more than 300,000 affiliates.

They are working for more than ten years and have powerful travel offers and tools.

They covered a wide range of travel services such as hotels, car rental, insurance, transfer, and much more. They provide all the services you need to plan your trip.


  • Travelpayouts offer a cookie period of 30 days.
  • They offer 80% of the revenue share for each sale that comes through your link.
  • You can promote their program through any blog or videos to earn commissions.

2. Airbnb

airbnb travel affiliate programs

Airbnb is one of the most popular travel affiliate programs which have the best features.

This program can give you access to any Airbnb affiliate listing on your website.

This Program lets you grab the opportunities to earn a good commission by showcasing their services on your selected platforms.


  • This program can help you to earn good profits by referring to upcoming visitors.
  • One can earn up to $80 for every successful referral, which can be a significant profit.
  • You can earn commissions for each visitor when they will signs up as a host.

3. Booking.com

booking.com affiliate

If you are looking for an easily accessible affiliate program for travel, then Booking.com is one of the best options for you.

This Luxury Travel Affiliate program boasts more than 11 million places worldwide.

Their easy-to-use affiliate program has earned a reputation of more than 12,500 websites, which certainly adds to their credibility.


  • They can pay you a percentage of the commission charged from each confirmed booking.
  • Generally, this Luxury Travel Affiliate Program will give you a 25% commission. But you can get up to 40% commission if you specify 501+ guaranteed bookings per month.
  • This affiliate program can help you to reach a milestone of $100 commission.

4. Agoda

agoda affiliate program

Agoda is one of the most popular affiliate programs in travel that provide more than 960,000 residences worldwide.

It gives authorized marketers many recommendation options. Here you will find both hotel and private apartments. You can get varieties for your audience.


  • The lowest level of commission they pay is 35%.
  • They offer you a 60% commission for giving more than 1000 bookings per month, and that puts you at the highest level.
  • They provide friendly support for their marketers.

5. Hotels.com

Hotels.com affiliate

Hotels.com is an Affiliate Program that provides many benefits to its marketers.

This is one of the essential parts of the Expedia affiliate network from which marketers can earn a lot of money.

If you can promote this affiliate program by making a blog or video or posting on any social media platform, you can earn a good commission.


  • One can earn a commission of 4.92% for each booking.
  • People who live in the US must work with them to get special offers.

6. Kayak

kayak Affiliate Program

Kayak is known as one of the Best Travel Affiliate Programs with over two billion searches per year on about 60 international sites.

This program can provide you with an excellent opportunity to grow your traffic on your website and the best travel solutions for users worldwide.

Brand awareness, highest CPA, and commission rates in the travel niche ensures revenue growth for you.


  • Kayak gives you a commission of 50% for each flight booking. 
  • They offer a cookie lifetime of 30 minutes.
  • This affiliate program supports many languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, Italian, Romanian, Mexican, etc.

7. Skyscanner

skyscanner affiliate programs

Skyscanner is a high-rated global travel affiliate site that takes its customers to all the convenient points.

The affiliate program works with a 50% earnings-sharing model. Which means they pay half of what Skyscanner earns.

The program provides many services, such as flights, hotels, and car hire.


  • They offer a high commission rate of 50%.
  • This affiliate program provides banners, text links, and travel search widgets.
  • They have a wide range of affiliate networks for you.

8. ClaimCompass

claim compass affiliate

Claimcompass launched its affiliate programs three years ago. They share the vision of the travel experience with their marketers.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a lot of money by promoting their program. 

The nature of their services is like they sell something to their audience and operate on a “no win, no fee” basis. It means they don’t charge their users.

This eliminates the risk of compromising your business by introducing competitive products.


  • 90-days of cookie period.
  • This affiliate program pays 17 USD for each booking.
  • You can also get a commission by promoting them on various social media platforms.

9. TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor Affiliate Programs

This is known as the world’s largest and trusted Travel Affiliate Program, which serves as a terminal that lets you access many travel sites around the globe to secure the best deals.

It spreads more than 60 websites in various countries around the world. And more than 500 million visitors view these websites monthly.

You can earn the same way TripAdvisor deserves if you work accordingly. You can even make a commission per click-out.


  • They pay extra to their affiliates.
  • They offer incentive programs to their marketers to help them earn more.
  • They give the best suggestions to those affiliated with CJ.
  • As an affiliate of their program, you will get 24/7 affiliate support.

10. Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct Affiliate

By looking at the name Cruise Direct, you may understand what kind of Travel Affiliate Program it is.

If you are expecting a lot of profit as a marketer and want to recommend cruises to your visitors, then you will find many options at Cruise Direct.

Their offers can easily attract visitors to your platforms.


  • As an affiliate, you can earn 3% of the commission for each booking.
  • If you are new in this field, they have a team of professionals to train you well.
  • Cruise Direct affiliate program provides a 30 day of cookie period.

11. Expedia

Expedia Travel Affiliate

Expedia is known as one of the most extensive travel affiliate programs which offer great travel agencies.

They provide a lovely amount of commission to their affiliates on hotel bookings; car hires and travel packages, and all holiday-related activities. They have a wide range of services which many travelers love. 

They launched an affiliate program in 2010, which is called the Travel Agent Affiliate Program.


  • They give a 10% commission for prepaid hotel bookings.
  • 6% commission for attractions and activities.
  • They provide the best services so that visitors can stay comfortable.
  • They boost their affiliates for a good earning.

12. Lonely Planet

Lonely Travel Affiliate

Lonely Planet is a publisher of the most massive travel guide book globally, where it publishes many travel-related books and magazines.

They have gained a reputation for their excellent services and high-rated commission.


  • They will pay you a 15% commission on print or digital books.
  • For travel guides, this program will pay your 12% commission.
  • You can get many benefits by joining their program. Those are dynamic banners, the best affiliate support, and a cookie period of 30 days.

13. World Nomads

Wiorld Nomads Travel Affiliate

World Nomads is a travel company that has gained a lot of fame in the travel industry over the last few years.

And it has an extensive customer list. You should check their program at least once. 

They provide the best service to their affiliates as well as their visitors. They also have the best travel tools that make it easier for visitors to travel.


  • World Nomads gives 10% for each booking through your website.
  • They provide a cookie period, which lasts for 60 days.
  • They provide 24-hour support for their marketers or affiliates.

14. Anantara Resorts

anantara travel affiliate

Anantara is one of the top and Luxurious Travel Affiliate Programs in Asia, where many affiliates have been wanting to join for a long time to promote luxurious resorts.

It can be an excellent opportunity to earn by targeting luxury travelers.


  • Their program is designed to offer an extraordinary experience to their guests.
  • They offer up to 5% commission for every booking from your website or blog.
  • They have high-quality materials for promoting their program. Those are banners, several offers, text links, voucher codes, etc.

15. G Adventures

G adventures Travel Affliate

G Adventures is a small team travel company and the fastest growing affiliate program that has worked with Commission Junction to provide its customers with the best experience.

With this program, explorers come together for a leisurely journey with family and living life to the fullest.


  • This Best white label travel Affiliate Program gives up to a 90-day cookie period.
  • They give a commission from 5% to 7% per booking to their affiliates.
  • They provide a variety of display ads and XML feeds.

How One Can Earn With A Travel Affiliate Program?

Affiliate businesses can sometimes be a bit of a science, but you can turn it into a profitable business with the right analysis, tracking, and strategy. 

If you want to know how valuable is it to promote a Luxury Travel Affiliate Program in the market and how much you can make with it? Then let’s find out.

Please follow these steps to get some ideas for making a good earning.


First, you have to research the marketers who are doing well in the travel industry. And find out about their market strategies.

Once you get to know about this, you will find affiliate ones a mile away.

Check Out About The Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Shortlist a few top-rated travel affiliate programs and see what facilities they are providing and their features.

It will help you to find the best one. Meanwhile, should also take a look at the ratings and reviews in the market.

Social Media

Using various social media platforms, you can easily earn money within less time without giving much effort.

It’s the easiest way to reach your audience by making any video, blog content, or posting the travel affiliate website links on social profiles. Nowadays, most people prefer a review video to make a decision. So, it’s the best advantage for you.

If you look around, then you can find many ways to earn money as a travel affiliate.

What Are The Factors You Should Consider When Choosing A Travel Affiliate Program?

If you have a travel blog or website, you can earn extra by joining a Travel Affiliate Program.

There are many travel affiliate programs in the market, but it isn’t easy to choose the best plan.

So you have to consider some factors while choosing the Best Travel Affiliate Program. Let’s check about them:

Run A Test

As a travel lover, you should always be on the lookout for the best business for flights, hotel bookings, and travel to your desired destinations.

Visit the website of several travel affiliate programs and survey the packages from each website. While running a test, you can ask yourself some questions regarding:

  • Will it be easy to use the travel affiliate program’s website to earn more?
  • How affordable are they offering compared to other affiliate programs?
  • If you were a real visitor or customer, what program would you use to book your travel needs?

So basically, you have to keep the shoes of your blog visitors or followers.

It would help if you understood how much the program would attract your visitors.

Go with the plan that you prefer to use as a traveler. It would help if you let your readers know about, to increase your revenue.

Get To Know The Needs Of Your Audience

If you are aware of what your followers like and what they are looking for, then a good affiliate program will help you earn enough.

Here are some things you should know to understand the preference of your target audience:

  • Try to know about your audience’s educational status.
  • Write a description for your audience, not for yourself only.
  • What kind of person will visit your travel blog or website?
  • How much can your audience spend on traveling?
  • Is he/she looking for a trip at an affordable price?
  • What kind of adventure are they interested in?

Running a survey will help you to gather this type of information and also help you choose the perfect Travel Affiliate Program to partner with.

You can similarly go to various social media platforms and find out your readers’ problems, especially when it comes to booking for traveling.

Try to provide answers to their issues through the proposed affiliate program for traveling.

Study About The Each Commission Level

You have to do some research on how much you can earn by joining a Travel Affiliate Program. And what kind of offers and supports they provide to their marketers. 

Here are some questions you can search:

  • How much will it cost to join their program, and how much ratings they have in the marketplace?
  • Know about their special offers, banner, and deep source.
  • Learn about the commission levels they provide.
  • How much will they pay you for working with them as an affiliate?
  • How have they trained their expert affiliates?
  • How much commission will they give you when a follower clicks on their program and book for traveling?

Choosing a Luxury Travel Affiliate Program is not that difficult but also not a simple thing. It would help if you always remembered that your earnings depend on choosing the Best Travel Affiliate Program.

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Final Verdict

We hope that the affiliate programs mentioned above will help you choose the best Travel Affiliate Program.

Moreover, many marketers or affiliates think that travel affiliate programs are already saturated, and they cannot make money by using this.

However, they are right. But as an affiliate, if you work hard and create high-quality and engaging content, then you can surely drive the audience to your affiliate website.

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