Best Money Making Apps in India 2021

So you want to earn money online? 

Obviously Yes, because you land on this page for those money making apps list. 

Let me clear first from all the apps mentioned in this article,

You’ll get spending of your sweets don’t expect you’ll purchase a Lamborghini from that best money making apps.

But Yes if you use your smart mind along with hard work and dedication, then it is possible because there are already many people who have built their empire by doing smart work. 

There are lots of money-making applications available on the play store from that you can earn money online.

All applications have different criteria regarding earning such as:- Refer and Earn, Self Earning & Commission Based. 

Is It Possible to Earn Money From Mobile Application? 

Nowadays, Earning a Single Penny from the Internet is like catching fish from fish tanks.

Yes, Online Earning is Easy, but only if you have something unique in you like marketing tactics. 

Many of you might be thinking that you do not have any chances to earn money online. But this is not true. You have several options to make some money online. 

You can work as an affiliate marketer through which you get commissions on the sale of products, and you can also sell your products online.

There are several free ways to earn money online. So, you can complete surveys and simple jobs to earn rewards.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money. It allows you to get good returns after selling. 

With Affiliate Marketing, you can get a good profit, and you also don’t have to handle the payment, inventory, shipping, etc. Otherwise, it would be best if you spent a lot of time and even money to get these tasks completed.

Many affiliate marketing companies are providing excellent opportunities for online marketers to earn additional income through marketing products and services.

Some of the companies who are providing excellent marketing opportunities to make money are Amazon, ClickBank, LinkShare, PayDotCom, and ShareASale.

YouTube provides excellent opportunities for those looking to earn money online. If you have a good video, then you can easily upload it on YouTube and attract a large number of audience.

If they like your video, then you can get maximum traffic, and this will help you to convert the traffic to sales. You can get paid for every video that you make on YouTube.

There are a variety of different methods that one can use to earn money online. Though many of these methods require investing a lot of time (as does making money on auction sites or through microstock sites), some of them can be completed within a short period of time.

Earning an extra income isn’t always easy; it requires determination, a good deal of skill, and the proper mindset to succeed.

When one is willing to put forth the effort, there are a number of options that exist

Some of the companies who are engaged in contract manufacturing are Xerox, Boeing, AT&T, Unisom, Cuddeback, Mead Paper, and Honeywell.

If you have a blog or website and want to monetize it, then you can apply for the Google AdSense program. It is one of the easiest ways of making money. 

You can join Google AdSense program free of cost. When you get quality traffic to your website, then you can easily make money out of Google AdSense.

Lists of Best Money Making Apps in India 2021

1. EarnKaro

Application NameEarnKaro
Earning WayAffiliate Marketing & Refer and Earn
Minimum Payout10 INR
Application LinkClick Here

EarnKaro is an affiliate based application where you can earn some percentage of commission on every sale held by you.

After signing up you will see many deals from all the well established and trusted brands.

You can check the Profit Rates from the lower strip option where they have mentioned how much profit rate you will get on every sale or any other criteria.

You don’t need to create an affiliate account for that brand, you just need to sign up on EarnKaro and you’re done.

If you have a social media following then you can easily generate a sale and you can earn a handsome profit from that app.

If you have any queries related to EarnKaro, here is the link to contact EarnKaro.

2. Meesho

Application NameMeesho
Earning WayAffiliate Marketing & Refer and Earn
Minimum PayoutAny Amount
Application LinkClick Here

Meesho is an Reselling Platform where they had tons of collections in terms of Clothing, Accessories, Furniture, Electronics etc.

After signing up on Meesho you’ll be asked to set up your profile.

If you like any of the niche or the product, Click on share button and resell that product on your own price.

For Example :- Under Meesho App the price of that particular product was 500 INR so while sharing you can change the price to 550 INR and whenever someone visits that product from your link the price will be 550 INR.

There are many people who are earning handsome online money-making through social media marketing. You can learn about social media, marketing on the internet so that you can also learn how to make money from it.

To make money from social media you need to know various effective social marketing techniques such as video marketing, internet marketing, blogging, article marketing, twittering etc.

If you have quality content on your website or blog, then you can easily attract an audience and can easily make money-making opportunities.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Application NameGoogle Opinion Rewards
Earning WayAnswer Surverys and Earn Credit
Minimum Payout$10
Application LinkClick Here

If you’re looking for the survey completing tasks for earning money then this is the perfect application I could suggest to you.

As the name describes the word “Google”, This is the google product so there is no place for scam.

You can get the application from playstore and after installing you’ll be asked to sign up from google and location so that preference surveys will be given to you.

If you’re lucky enough to get the surveys daily then you can easily get their payouts every week.

If you’re from rural areas I would not suggest this application because this app is mostly preferable in metropolitan cities.

Every Survey has their different pricing and after completing the survey there will be a review time and after verifying all the details you’ll be credited for that survey.

4. Google Task Mate

Application NameGoogle Task Mate
Earning WayBy Completing Simple Tasks
Minimum Payout$10
Application LinkClick Here

This is the most recent application launched by google itself though it was in beta version but you can try out the application.

You’ll get the application access only if you have the refer code and that secret code I had mentioned in the article so read carefully.

With this Google TaskMate app you’ll get various simple tasks as well as surveys to complete under specific time.

For every task done you’ll get some cents you can take your payout from Paypal or NEFT.

As this is the recent app launched by google start with this app and start refer and earn system you will get huge affiliate earning.

5. WinZo Gold

Application NameWinZo Gold
Earning WayWatching Ads and Some Tasks
Minimum Payout10 INR
Application LinkClick Here

If you love playing games and quizzes then here is the golden application for all of you.

WinZo Gold app offers various trending games from which you can earn money for playing such as – Cricket, Snake and Ladder, Ludo, Sudoku, Fruit Ninja, Carrom, Ice Hockey and many more exciting games.

Start Playing your exciting games and earn money and various exclusive surprises.

Everyday Various Quizzes competition you’ll get on that application, You have to choose the correct option from those 4 options.

Luckily if you get into their Top List then you’ll be awarded by money or any other exciting surprises.

There are various payout options are available such as – PayTM, UPI, NEFT, PayPal etc.

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6. Taskbucks

Application NameTaskbucks
Earning WayCompleting Simple Tasks and Surveys
Minimum Payout25 INR
Application LinkClick Here

Taskbucks is one of the most trusted and old applications. I had used this application for mobile recharge and coupon deals.

In this application there will be a list of applications you have to install that specific application and you will get the amount mentioned there.

Taskbucks also offers the survey system where you need to complete the specific survey for some cents.

Note :- Your answers should not be in a funny or logical way because that survey is used for marketing purposes.

Taskbucks have their unique payout system for example you completed your threshold of 25 INR then you can recharge your mobile number or you can opt for Paytm or UPI as well.

7. Roz Dhan

Application NameRoz Dhan
Earning WayReading News and Playing Games
Minimum Payout200 INR
Application LinkClick Here

If you are a Readholic just like me who loves to read news on various topics then trust me this is the perfect application for readers.

While reading the specific news you will get coins for each news you swipe up.

If you would like to post images, videos, or text then you can post you will be rewarded with some coins.

For every day login under this application you will get coins as well as bonus for logging and,

If you visit their tasks section you’ll find many tasks there you need to complete those tasks to earn coins.

8. Qureka

Application NameQureka
Earning WayQuiz Games
Minimum Payout100 INR
Application LinkClick Here

Qureka is the most popular application for quizzes and for the exciting prizes they offer to their players.

There are various categories available for quizzes competition.

If you have enough knowledge to crack the quiz then you can try out this application.

There will be Hourly Quizzes you have to participate in the competition to grab the prizes.

9. Loco

Application NameLoco
Earning WayQuiz and Games
Minimum Payout100 INR
Application LinkClick Here

Loco is a streaming platform where you can earn money by doing livestream or you can watch streams for every hour view you will get a specific amount of coins.

And those coins can be redeemed into Google Play Cards.

There are many populars streamers there who play games and you can send chat, stickers, emojis to express your feelings.

This application is mostly used by teenagers who love to view gameplay played by their favourite streamer.

So, If you’re the streamer or the viewer both can earn money from this application.

10. Pocket Money

Application NamePocket Money
Earning WayApp Installs and Refer&Earn
Minimum Payout100 INR
Application LinkClick Here

This application is the same as Taskbuck. You have to install various applications to earn money.

Before installing the application they have their own guidelines so don’t miss any of that step either and you won’t be credited for installing the app.

There are two methods available for payout such as :- PayTM or you can recharge on your mobile no.

This application is best for college students as they can just need to install various application and there is one more option available for earning,

There is a Refer and Earn option where you have to send your invite link to your friends and if anyone from the link installs that application then you’ll get a nice profit on per refer.

Online Money Making FAQ

Is It Possible to Earn Money with Smartphone?

Yes, It’s possible if you have internet connectivity and a smartphone then you can do anything like you can create your own blog or create a YouTube Channel or,

Lastly, I had below shared the lists of the Best money making apps check one by one and after that stick with the one with whom you can earn a handsome profit.

What is Google TaskMate App?

Google Just launched the application named TaskMate from which you can earn money for completing every survery and by completing simple tasks.

What is the Minimum Payout of Google TaskMate App?

The Minimum payout of Google TaskMate App was $10….It is not officially announced yet but insider news said it will be $10.

Is EarnKaro is an Legit App?

Yes, EarnKaro is a Trusted Application and also I recommend you to go with these best money-making apps.

How Students Can Earn Money By Playing Games?

If you are a gamer and want to tryout your luck then I would recommend you to go with Loco App.

In that Application you’ll be getting daily quiz and games you can tryout though it’s easy and simple.

Which Source is Best for Earning?

I will vote for Affiliate Marketing because there is high chances of conversions if you strategically performs the marketing.

What is Unique About EarnKaro App

EarnKaro is an affiliate based app where you just need to create an account or you can use your google account as well while signing up.

So, Once you create an account you don’t need to create various affiliate accounts to promote the product.

Under Just copied the product link and click on Make Profit Link Option and create your own affiliate link.

Whenever someone clicks and buys a product from your affiliate link then you’ll be getting some percentage of bonus on that sale.

What is the Minimum Payout of Winzo Gold App?

The Minimum Payout of Winzo Gold application was 10 INR which can be easily earn by playing quiz and various games.

How to Get Highest Reffering Earning?

If you want to earn handsome profit with Refer&Earn then you should try social media sharing where you should sent your refer link to your friends.

Don’t Just Spam tell the benefits and features of that application so that one can easily agreed to install from your link.

Always Make Your message attractive as much as possible.

Is It Possible to Earn Money by Answering Questions Online in India

Yes it is possible there are many applications I had mentioned above they offer various quizzes and games by completing that you can earn a minimal profit.

What are the Payout Methods Available in those Applications?

There are various methods are available and it depends on the application developers which payment method they offers to their customers.

Commonly Most of the applications offers Payment Methods such as – PayTm, PayPal, NEFT, GooglePay, and UPI.

What is the Refer Code of Google TaskMate?

The Working TaskMate refer code is 6N713TG.

What is the Minimum Payout of Roz Dhan Application?

The Minimum Payout of Roz Dhan Application was 200 INR.

Payout methods are available such as – PayTM, UPI, Google Pay.

Is Roz Dhan Trusted Application according to you?

I would say Yes because the Roz Dhan application I had personally used and they pay you for reading various news and you can also earn handsome profit with refer and earn.

Final Verdict

I hope now you have already downloaded some of the best money-making apps I mentioned above and if not yet then what are you waiting for?

It’s time to take action if you have a smartphone and stable internet connectivity then must try out all the best money making apps.

Note : All the money making apps I had mentioned above will just help you to earn part time and don’t expect too much money. It totally depends on your strategies how you will strategize your way to make money online.

If we missed any application then let us know the name of that application in the comment section we would love to hear.

If you’re confused and want to ask any question then feel free to ask will solve your query.

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