Top 7 Blogging Mistakes That Amateur Bloggers Makes At Primary Stage

Blogging is the art of writing up content that educates and people aware.

It is a career that has been developed drastically over the past years with booming social networking sites.

Every blogger once started his or her journey as an Amateur Blogger.

It is essential to have your work assessed and make sure that it’s up to the mark from the beginning.

Being new in the field brings about classic mistakes that one might make while blogging.

So here are few commonly made mistakes that you can avoid early on in your blogging career and be ahead of other amateur bloggers.

 Top 7 Blogging Mistakes Amateur Blogger Makes

 1. Using Free Domain Name 

Usually, the very first mistake that an amateur blogger does is use a free domain name initially.

This leads to less exposure than what the blogger deserves.

Here it becomes necessary to have a reasonable name for your writer’s profile, which can preferably be your full name.

Having a custom name for your blog page will help you further establish as an advanced blogger and help you with branding your blog post.

You can make your online presence more persistent with registering your domain name to earn a particular reputation and money.

Using a custom domain also results in SEO-friendly, which makes it easy to search engines quickly.

2. Blog Theme and Design

Free themes and designs might seem the right option when you are just starting your blogging career.

Still, experience and advice from advanced bloggers suggest that it will only make your blog look unprofessional and can easily be hacked.

Many free themes also do not get included in the SEO resulting in less exposure. 

As a newbie, one does not purchase good themes when the free ones are available.

In a situation like this, it is crucial to understand that spending a little more money for premium design and theme will show better and improved results than otherwise.

3. Not giving credit to the source

Plagiarism has been part and parcel of the writing industry.

When a writer is not able to write a blog and is near the deadline, he or she might copy content from the other source and add some changes.

This will indeed be detected as plagiarism if there is no credit given to the cause.

As a beginner, you should be well accustomed to how experienced bloggers work and should learn how to avoid mistakes like these and increase your caliber with every blog.

When you make your content, you get the credibility for it, which contributes to building your reputation.

So you must cite their name and give them credit if you are using someone else’s content.

4. No Promotion or Linking to others

Blogging is a stream where sharing your content and other’s content is crucial.

When you link others’ blogs and share it with the extended audience, they, in return, also do the same for you.

If you do not promote others’ content side-by-side, you will not receive the recommendations and approach from their team as well. 

Social networking promotion and sharing links are optimum for everyone.

The hosting platform, the writer, and the reader. Without all these, it is impossible to communicate this article to a broader audience. 

5. Not having an email list from the beginning

This mistake is committed by many Amateur Bloggers who tend to think that email listing is not that important.

Email listing gives you to hold down the subscribers of your blog post without worrying about the outcome of the social networking communications.

You can filter out the emails and accordingly decide the potential buyers at the right time.

It is also crucial that you have this email list done from the very beginning.

This is because you get the control of when people in your list will receive emails concerning your blog.

One can also use automation in their email, which will help generate a necessary email when required.

6. A Bad and unreliable hosting

This is one of the common mistakes that bloggers usually commit.

Choosing the right hosting platform determines and affects your work a lot.

A lot of people, instead of going for reputed and premium hosting platforms, go or cheap and unreliable ones.

This can affect your work in many ways.

Therefore it is important to choose trusted brands like Bluehost, SiteGround, etc. for hosting your blogs.

7. Not writing recurrently

A blogger’s job is to write consistently to satisfy the requirement of the situation.

This job indeed requires commitment, dedication, and persuasive writing.

Writing a few blogs and waiting for some positive results may not be ideal, as it requires constant effort from the writer’s side.

It is also vital to have your grammar check and plagiarism detected in your writing while using the keywords that determine the SEO to consider and rank your article.

Your career might not be similar to other bloggers.

There is a possibility that he or she might receive success and money with few posts that are liked by many.

But this does not describe the career of other people.

It takes time and hard work to have a successfully appreciated work.

In the end, writing should be consistent to get better and perfect to understand what your desire for.

These were some of the common mistakes that an Amateur Blogger commits while starting his or her career in the blog posting.

The errors are very general and give you an insight into how to go about it in the future.

Many experienced bloggers have gone through these situations, just like you might go.

Following steps rightfully will make you better than you already are. It’s difficult to bring changes in the way that you are already working.

With little time and study, you can win the race of being a famous blogger with a bigger audience.

Determination and patience are also required for a successful venture.

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